Francesco Anselmo - Italy

I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to contribute to this project with my lighting design skills. Daylight is so important for children, it can transform the learning experience and create a healthy environment.
May, 2012

Francesco joined Arup in 2004 to work as lighting designer, after achieving a PhD in Environmental Physics, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, daylighting analysis and lighting design. He is an expert user of lighting simulation and visualisation systems and is actively developing computer tools for lighting design, building simulation and interaction design.Since joining Arup, he has been involved in architectural lighting design and daylighting design for a broad range of international projects, with a special focus on education, museums and art galleries. Recently, he has designed the daylighting systems for the Dwabor Kindergarten and for the Malawi model rural schools, and this experience has greatly influenced his attitude to design.Francesco thinks that light plays a crucial role in our lives, it has a strong impact on our health and mood, shaping our experience of the world.