Francesco Pasta

I believe in this project, and I'm happy to contribute to it, because I see it as a great collaborative endeavour among very different people from various cultural and professional backgrounds - in Haiti, in London, and all around the world - that pool together their expertise, skills and work towards a common vision.
October, 2012

Francesco Pasta holds a BA in Architecture from the university of Florence (Italy). While working in Turkey on the design of a luxurious Tuscan restaurant for the Azeri elite on the seashore of Baku, he started questioning the sense of his work. He then moved to Diyarbakir (Eastern Turkey) where he collaborated with the local NGO Youth and Change in the construction of village libraries with donations - among other activities. There, he decided to focus his studies on design for development and community-driven architecture, which led him to complete a MSc in Building and Urban Design in Development at the DPU in London. Currently engaged in finding a future somewhere else (preferably a country with a name ending in -stan), he works on a community centre building site in East London and collaborates with Thinking Development on the preparation of the project presentation.