Haberdasher's Monmouth School for Girls - Wales

With more than £7000 raised in just three months it is evident that the whole school believes fully in the Thinking Development mission.
November, 2013

About Haberdashers'


Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls is a leading GSA school and part of the family of Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools which includes its sibling, Monmouth School. Girls are offered a purposeful and positive approach to learning and life in an environment which combines the finest modern education with the best traditional values, shaped by over a century of educational expertise.



HMSG believes learning should be an exciting journey of enlightenment, through opening minds and enriching experiences. Alongside educational excellence and enriching opportunities, girls are taught the value of service and charity. One of the aims of a Haberdashers’ education is ‘good citizenship’ and the school believes that in a global age this means global citizenship.  Every year the school raises in excess of £25,000 for good causes in addition to the voluntary service that pupils offer locally and globally.  Moreover, girls understand how fortunate they are in receiving such an education and believe that they have a duty to support others, less fortunate than themselves in being educated to the best possible standard.  For this reason HMSG are fully behind Think Development’s mission to educate the girls of Haiti and engage with the project on many levels including through projects in technology, geography and economics.



Fundraising for Thinking Development


HMSG was one of the biggest supporters of the #ThinkingGirls Christmas crowd funding campaign and has held creative and diverse events to raise funds for the Centre Rosalie Girls' School, including: a German Dance Show, art exhibition, mufti day and individual efforts which include the making and selling of friendship bracelets and even the formation of a small business (Smooth Thinking) selling smoothies! The school is described by The Good Schools Guide as a "friendly school that produces feisty young women" and noted its "diverse extra-curricular education". Tatler states that the fees are ‘among the best value in the country’ and The Times ranks Monmouth as 3rd best place to live in Britain. Thinking Development are thrilled that HMSG is contributing to the reconstruction of the Centre Rosalie Girls' School Complex with the energy, creativity and talent of its students and staff.


Tom Arrand, deputy head of Haberdashers' says:

‘When we outlined the work of Thinking Development, through a school assembly, the initiative was thrown open to the girls and staff to take a lead in ensuring that we, as a school, got behind a project that would ensure that those less fortunate than ourselves received an education that they deserved.  With more than £7000 raised in just three months it is evident that the whole school believes fully in the Thinking Development mission.  The proactivity and creativity shown by the girls and my colleagues in supporting their sisters on the other side of the world warms my heart.’


Lauren Hall, a student from Haberdasher' says:

"I decided to support Thinking Development because it helps children less fortunate than us to have an education. I am so privileged to have the education I have at my school and believe that everyone should be able to develop their knowledge as well. My campaign involved making homemade bracelets, to raise money for the charity; I thought of the idea with my sister as she loved the couple I had made for her. As soon as I put up my posters for the girls to place their orders, I could hardly keep up with the demand for them but eventually I raised a total of £110.00. I was so pleased with the result and everyone loved them.  I am so glad I did it and feel proud to have contributed to help the people of Haiti."