Marina Chang - Taiwan

November, 2012

Marina Chang is a PhD student in critical food studies in the Development Planning Unit, UCL. As an activist, she believes that universities should link with society in new, more engaged ways. The increasing recognition of the importance of community-centred efforts has encouraged her to rethink the commons, and key concepts such as the collective, mutuality, collaboration and cooperation. She practices vegetarianism as an embodied dietary discipline on an everyday level, and as a lifelong philosophy associated with care for humans, society, life, ecology, history and the world. She was a co-founder and coordinator of Food Junctions Festival (2010) and Foodpaths Movement (2011), and co-editor of The Food Junctions Cookbook (2011), which demonstrated that London has great potential to grow a commons food regime for the 21st century.  The book was created and published not for profit, and Marina donated 20 copies for Thinking Development to sell in aid of its construction fund.