What we do

We are a start-up NGO, passionate about supporting disaster-affected people to design their own future with values of justice, social and environmental sustainability and disaster-resilience.


Permanent Reconstruction
Our primary objective is to produce a phased plan for permanent reconstruction of Centre Rosalie Javouhey girls’ school. This plan must allow students to stay in school during development, deliver essential facilities as quickly as possible, and ensure that all phases of construction fit into a sustainable and integrated vision for the future. The finished complex will be maximally energy-and water-independent, and accommodate up to 1,280 students.

Case-study documentation
We are documenting our planning process in short films that capture this unique journey and sharing its lessons with other development practitioners, donors, other disaster victims, and all those with a passion for breaking down international barriers in the name of equitable, sustainable and thinking development.

This project aims to create an ideal product by ensuring the best possible process. To create maximum sustainability and value for money, we will ensure that construction skills training happens during construction. Moreover, the site should become a case study for future replications of the same plan by showcasing open building sections.

Our longer-term goal is to create a replication package so that our designs and participatory process can be easily adapted and replicated elsewhere in the city, thus benefitting from economies of scale, and addressing Haiti’s urgent need for high-density, sustainable and permanent schools.



Guiding the project are our 6 over-arching principles:

Thinking Development's 6 Guiding Principles